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2016 (TV Series) Suits Anita Gibbs See episode(s)
2016 (TV Series)     Murdoch Mysteries Elizabeth Pym See episode(s)
2015 (TV Movie)  
Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise  Sidney Greenstreet  Director: Robert Harmon
2015 (TV Series)
SecNav Sarah Porter See episode(s)
2015 (TV Series)
Rogue Cynthia Richman See episode(s)
2015 (TV Series) Blue Bloods Anne Farrell See episode(s)
2014 (Feature) Crimson Peak Mrs. McMichael Director: Guillermo del Toro
2014 - 2016 (TV Series) Tyrant Lea Exley See episode(s)
2014 (TV Series) The Strain Joan Luss See episode(s)
2013 - 2016 
(TV Series)
NCIS Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter See episode(s)
2014 (TV Movie) Clementine Ramirez Director: Michael Dinner
2013 (TV Series) Revolution President Foster See episode(s)
2012 (TV Series) Castle Gwenn Harwin See episode(s)
2012 (Short) Mindfield Maggie Director: Nina Lopez-Corrado
2011 (TV Series) The River Tess Cole See episode(s)
2011 (TV Series) Off the Map Bridget Clemmons See episode(s)
2010 (Mini-Series) Seven Deadly Sins Detective Sharon Geary See episode(s)
2010 (TV Movie) Tangled Marlene Director: Bronwen Hughes
2009 (Feature) Formosa Betrayed Lisa Gilbert  
2009 (TV Movies) Black Rain Carol Grey Director: Ron Oliver
2009 (TV Movie) Jesse Stone: Thin Ice Sidney Greenstreet Director: Robert Harmon
(TV Series)
The Mentalist Kristina Frye See episode(s)
2008 (Web Series) Faux Baby Dr. Greenfield,Leslie See episode(s)
2008 (TV Series) Private Practice Linda See episode(s)
2008 (TV Series) Law & Order: Criminal Intent Terri Driver See episode(s)
2008 (TV Series) Runaway Lily Rader See episode(s)
2008 (Feature) Never Back Down Margot Tyler Director: Jeff Wadlow
2008 (TV Movie) The Apostles Dee Brinjak Director: David McNally
2007 (TV Series) CSI: Miami Denise Partney See episode(s)
2007 (TV Series) Eyes Nana Burgess See episode(s)
2007 (Mini Series) Everest Michelle Winegate Director: Graeme Campbell
2007 (TV Movie) Don't Cry Now Bonnie Director: Jason Priestley
2006 (TV Series) Runaway Lilly See episode(s)
2005 - 2006
(TV Series)
Commander in Chief Melanie Blackston See episode(s)
2006 (TV Series) Everwood Laurie Fields See episode(s)
2005 (TV Movie) Karol, The Pope, The Man Julia Ritter Director: Giacomo Battiato
2005 (TV Series) The Eleventh Hour Marsha Segal / Moira Seagull See episode(s)
2005 (TV Series) House Victoria Madsen See episode(s)
2005 (TV Movie) Hunt for Justice Camille Gilbert Director: Charles Binamé
2004 (TV Series) Line of Fire Lisa Cohen See episode(s)
2004 (Mini series) Human Cargo Charlene Fischer Director: Brad Turner
2004 (TV Movie) H2O Sgt. Leah Collins Director: Charles Binamé
2004 (TV Movie) Meltdown Zoe Cox Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
2004 (TV Series) Line of Fire Lisa Cohen See episode(s)
2003 (TV Movie) The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie Joan Director: Paul Johansson
2003 (TV Movie) An Unexpected Love Kate Mayer Director: Lee Rose
2003 (TV Movie) The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton Sarah Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
2003 (Feature) Dragonfly Charisse Darrow Director: Tom Shadyac
2001 - 2002
(TV Series)
24 Teri Bauer See episode(s)
2001 (TV Series) The District Special Agent Grace Curry See episode(s)
2001 (TV Movie) Stolen Miracle Sgt. Jane McKinley Director Norma Bailey
2001 (TV Movie) Sanctuary Kirby Fitzsimmons Director: Katt Shea
2000 (TV Series) Level 9 Grace Bishop See episode(s)
2000 (TV Series) The Outer Limits Weatherman See episode(s)
2000 (TV Series) Judging Amy Dr. Amanda Kubiak See episode(s)
2001 (Mini Series) RoboCop: Prime Directives Ann R. Key Director: Julian Grant
2000 (Feature) The Spreading Ground Leslie DeLongpre Director: Derek Vanlint
2000 (Feature) Bruiser Rosemary Newley Director: George Romero
2000 (Feature) Double Frame Special Agent Kate Olsen Director: Stefan Scaini
1999 (TV Series) The Outer Limits Darcy Kipling See episode(s)
1999 (TV Series) Vengeance Unlimited Mrs. Thomas See episode(s)
1998 - 1999
(TV Series)
Chicago Hope Vicki Slater See episode(s)
1999 (TV Movie) Restless Spirits Charlotte Director: David Wellington
1999 (Feature) The Life Before This Alice Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
1999 (Feature) Water Damage Arabella Bauer Director: Murray Battle
1998 (TV Series) Chicago Hope Vicki Slater See episode(s)
1998 (TV Series) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Kira Meru See episode(s)
1998 (TV Movie) This Matter of Marriage Hallie Mitchell Director: Brad Turner
1998 (Feature) Summer of the Monkeys Sarah Lee Director: Michael Anderson
1998 (TV Movie) Blackout Effect Karen Director: Jeff Bleckner
1998 (Feature) Shadow Builder Jenny Hatcher Director: Jamie Dixon
1996 (TV series) Early Edition Meredith Carson See episode(s)
1996 (Mini series) Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story Claire Brown See episode(s)
1996 (TV movie) The Conspiracy of Fear Jimmy Director: John Eyres
1996 (Feature) First Degree Hadley Pyne Director Jeff Woolnough
1996 (Feature) Rowing Through Kate Bordeleau Director: Masato Harada
1995 (TV movie) Shadow-Ops Paige Director: Craig R. Baxley
1995 (TV movie) The Avenging Angel Liza Rigby Director: Craig R. Baxley
1994 (TV Series) Party of Five Meg See episode(s)
1994 (TV Series) SeaQuest DSV Marie Piccolo See episode(s)
1994 (Feature) Schemes Laura Steele Director: Derek Westervelt
1994 (Feature) Cityscrapes: Los Angeles Katie Director: Michael Becker
1994 (Feature) Fun Jane Director: Rafal Zielinski
1994 (Feature) Boozecan Helen Director: Nicholas Campbell
1993 (TV movie) Caught in the Act Rachel Director: Deborah Reinsich
1993 (Feature) Paris, France Lucy Director: Jerry Ciccoritti
1993 (Feature) Sweet Killing Eva Bishop Director: Eddy Matalon
1993 (Feature) Doppelganger Elizabeth Director: Avi Nesher
1992 (Feature) The Dance Goes On Rick's Girl Director: Paul Almond
1991 (Feature) True Confections Verna Miller Director: Gail Singer
1991 (Feature) The Big Slice Jenny Colter Director: John Bradshaw
1990 (TV Movie) Working Tra$h Susan Fahnestock Director: Alan Metter
1990 (Feature) Men at Work Susan Wilkins Director: Emilio Estevez
1989 (Mini Series) War and Remembrance Madeline Henry Director: Dan Curtis
1989 (TV Movie) Ask Me Again Elizabeth Leopold Director: Deborah Reinisch
1988 (TV Movie) Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Golden Land Dorrie Director: Gene Reynolds
1988 (Feature) Talk Radio Laura Director: Oliver Stone
1988 (Feature) It Takes Two Stephanie Lawrence Director: David Beaird
1988 (Feature) Kansas Lori Bayles Director: David Stevens
1987 (TV Series) Hunter Julie Lawrence See episode(s)
1986 (Mini Series) Sword of Gideon Shoshana Director: Michael Anderson
1986 (Feature) The Education of Allison Tate Allison Tate Director: Paul Leder
1985 (TV Series) Knots Landing Linda Martin See episode(s)
1985 (TV Series) Berrenger's Cammie Springer See episode(s)
1984 (TV Series) CBS Schoolbreak Special, All the Kids Do It Linda Director: Henry Winkler
1984 (Feature) Love Streams Joanie Director: John Cassavetes
1981 (Feature) Ups & Downs Penel Director: Paul Almond