Leslie Hope Acting Bio

Leslie Hope is perhaps best known to television audiences as Teri Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland's ill-fated wife on the first season of Fox's groundbreaking 24. Leslie plays ruthless attorney Anita Gibbs on Suits and SecNav Porter on NCIS. For F/X she starred in The Strain for Guillermo del Toro and Tyrant for Howard Gordon, and was a series regular on ABC's The River for Steven Spielberg. Other tv work includes Rogue, Blue Bloods, The Mentalist, Private Practice, and Law and Order: C-I. She starred in the feature Never Back Down with Djimon Honsou and recently in Crimson Peak, written and directed by visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

Hope, a native of Nova Scotia, got into the acting profession on a lark. Because her father was in the military, the family was frequently moving. At 13, she was attending school in Victoria, British Columbia, hoping she would later make it to Harvard Law School. When she was 15, the family moved to Italy, and Hope stayed at boarding school to finish her pre-university training. But she decided to rebel, announcing her intention to become an actor, not a lawyer. Shortly after, her school was used as a film location, and she was hired to play a leading role in Canadian filmmaker Paul Almond's film Ups and Downs. Introduced to the famed director John Cassavetes, he then wrote a starring role for her in his film Love Streams.

After finishing the film Love Streams, she stayed in Los Angeles and worked in various capacities on Cassavetes’ crew, hoping to learn all about film making. She next starred opposite Matt Dillon in Kansas, in David Beaird’s It Takes Two and in Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio. She also starred with Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen in Men at Work.

In 1990, she and Charlie Stratton started their own theatre company, The Wilton Project, which they ran for 10 years. The Wilton Project was dedicated to the development of new plays and a re-examination of the classics and on a personal level for Hope to gain the theatre experience she felt she had missed. While running the company, she produced, directed and acted in several productions, including the award-winning "Therese Raquin," "Slide" and "Ghost Stories." Additional theater credits include "Emerald City" for South Coast Rep, Taking Off" and "The Rattle of the Moon" at The Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles, and most recently she played the title role in "Liv Stein" at Toronto's Canadian Stage.

Hope’s extensive film credits include Dragonfly, Bruiser, Sweet Killing, Water Damage, Spreading Ground, Paris France, Fun, True Confections and The Life Before This.

Her TV credits include the telefilms The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie, (which reunited Hope with her Love Streams co-star Gena Rowlands), An Unexpected Love, Stolen Miracle, Robocop, and opposite Tom Selleck in Jesse Stone: Thin Ice and Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise.  Most recently she starred in the Netflix series Slasher:Guilty Party, Season 2. She starred as Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in the ABC/Rod Lurie crime drama Line of Fire, opposite Donnie Wahlberg in Darren Starr's Runaway, and as the Attorney General to Geena Davis' president on Commander in Chief. Leslie has had recurring roles on Revolution, Everwood, The District and Chicago Hope, she has appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, The Outer Limits and has starred in the Canadian mini-series H2O, Everest and Human Cargo.

In her spare time Hope travels to exotic locales such as Peru, Turkey, The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Cambodia, Laos, Morocco,  Myanmar, Laos, Cuba, China and the Ecuadorian jungle where she lived with the Hourani tribe in the rain forest.